Training Institute for Responsible Vendors

Our Services

Server Training Classes

With our server training classes your server staff will always be trained in responsible alcohol sales and service. With our program you can hire all year long and you will always be covered regardless of your turnover rate because we train your new staff as they are hired. Our thorough curriculum covers everything from ID checking, to blood alcohol levels, to managing patrons who are in danger of becoming visibly intoxicated. We cover both state and local regulations. It is easy to implement, and we handle all the paperwork. The training program also serves to document that you are a responsible alcohol vendor.

Compliance Check Service

Our Compliance Check Service investigates whether your servers are correctly asking for and checking Identification to ascertain if patrons are of legal drinking age. Our service will provide important evidence that you are checking up on your employees. That is extremely valuable in a court of law or in front of the liquor board at an administrative hearing. Our service excels above all others because we custom tailor it to the owners needs. We can call ahead to let you know when we are coming in, and we can sit in a particular section or bar area. The Compliance Check Service reminds your employees that you expect them to be diligent in protecting your business, while also serving to document that you are a responsible vendor.

Legal Counsel for Server Employees

If a server is ever ticketed by law enforcement for serving a minor, we will provide legal counsel for them. Our attorneys at Begner and Begner will provide them with legal representation at their hearing at our expense. This not only protects the server, but your establishment as well. This service comes with the Server Training Class. If we trained them, the we provide their legal counsel.

Court Service

Another benefit of using our company is that if you ever have to go to court to defend your establishment or license, we will go to court with you to testify as to the training provided. This service is free for those using any of our other services.

Support Services

Other services we offer include securing and posting of signs regarding alcohol service, consulting on alcohol issues and law, helping to secure current I.D. Checking Guides and the recommendation of legal counsel. Support Services are included with the Server Training Classes and Compliance Check Service.