Training Institute for Responsible Vendors

Training Institute for Responsible Vendors, Inc.

· Training for all businesses that serve and sell alcohol

· Ensure compliance with alcohol beverage laws


· Responsible alcohol sales and service training

· Avoid civil liability with RASS training

· Responsible beverage service training

· Protect alcohol beverage license with ongoing training

· Educate and train staff on the alcohol beverage laws

· Reduce alcohol and drug related tragedies


Training Institute for Responsible Vendors, Inc. is a market leading provider of comprehensive responsible alcohol sales and service training for the restaurant/bar service industry, convenience store industry and all other industries that serve and sell alcohol.

Due to recent national court decisions, civil liability in the alcohol hospitality industry has increased substantially. An extensive alcohol training program designed to assist management and employees is imperative to ensure compliance with alcohol beverage laws and avoid civil liability.

Our program is essential as a defensive tool should legal action be brought against your establishment. It is also essential to protect your alcohol beverage license from suspension and revocation. By participating in our ongoing program you will be able to demonstrate that you have taken great measures to ensure the enjoyment, safety and well being of your patrons.

Through education, it is our goal to help minimize the occurrence of individuals driving under the influence and to help eliminate underage alcohol and tobacco sales. By implementing a Responsible Vendor training course at your establishment you can take the first step in attempting to reduce tragedies resulting from alcohol and drug misuse.

T.I.R.V. has the most comprehensive educational training materials available to teach your staff responsible alcohol sales and service. The T.I.R.V. Program teaches your staff the State Alcohol Beverage Law as well as local alcohol ordinances and the correct procedures to follow in order to comply with these laws.